Training of Focal Point Nurses on Albinism Healthcare in fight against Skin Cancer

Posted On: 2022-11-02 19:10:52

Rwanda is internationally recognized for its success in offering universal access to healthcare. With over 84% of Rwandans insured by the mutuelle de santé, Rwanda has ensured that her citizens have access to primary health care. 

The country currently operates a well-functioning, decentralized healthcare public service system comprising 1700 health posts, 500 health centres, 42 district hospitals, and five national referral hospitals with three Regional Referral hospitals and with only 9 specialized dermatologists, all in Kigali. This means that people with albinism (PWA) can only receive dermatological care in Kigali. People with albinism (PWA) in Rwanda continue to die of skin cancer as patients arrive at these hospitals in Kigali with advanced skin cancer lesions. This is preventable if health centres Nurses in rural health facilities are trained to identify these lesions early and to teach them what measures to take to prevent these lesions and thus skin cancer, as well as to provide education aimed at normalizing the condition of albinism among patients and the community.

This activity involves the training of 53 Nurses/clinical Officers in 3 districts where the Health Alert Organization (HAO) and Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) are jointly implementing their clinics to reach 695 people with albinism in Kicukiro, Rutsiro Musanze, Gisagara, Nyamasheke, Kirehe and Bugesera Districts.

HAO Trained one Nurse from each health centre and district hospital of Rutsiro, Kicukiro and Musanze districts. The training consists of 3 days, two days of theory and the third day of practical linked with the people with albinism (PWA) clinics organized in each district.


These trainings aim to empower and develop the capacity of health workers in techniques for the prevention of skin cancer in people with albinism and to provide them with the basics in:

  1. Education on the understanding of albinism, sun protection measures and the use of sunscreens in the fight against Skin Cancer.
  2. To conduct dermatological consultations and know which lesions to refer.
  3. Personalized sunscreen application and use of other photoprotective measures in the fight against Skin Cancer.
  4. Communication strategy between implementing partners (HAO and RBC/MOH


  1. Trainings were carried out in all health centres in 3 districts of Rwanda.
  2. 53 Focal Point Nurses trained in 2022.
  3. 80% of them increased their knowledge of photoprotection and albinism in the fight against Skin Cancer
  4. Knowledge on Albinism Health care increased by 20% among all Nurses.
  5. Increased Knowledge on Cryotherapy services
  6. Increased Knowledge on Common skin Conditions associated with sun exposure 

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